Blue Pine Sea products are hand-made & designed by Lynn in Portland, Oregon.

 Blue Pine Sea creator, Lynn. Custom woodcut art carved in woodblock pieces. Designed, hand stamped, and bound pocket size notebooks in Portland, Oregon.

About Lynn & Blue pine sea

I am a Pacific Northwest dreamer, constantly creating things.

My inspiration comes from the mountain tops that surround me, the coffee in my mug, and the freckled loves of my life. I like the effects of words, and I love burritos.

All I do is in an effort to live an incandescently happy life, and I wish the same for everyone around me. If Blue Pine Sea can help with that, I'll keep making things.

Why Wood?

I've been drawn to woodwork from a young age. My dad taught me the ropes of working with wood (and continues to only give me tools as gifts).

When I started woodworking and got the idea to start woodblock carving, it was born out of using what I could find as a kid. Which, at the time, consisted of scavenged wood scraps from my dad's projects.

I've grown to appreciate the persnickety nature of wood grains, the smell of wood, & the character that each piece brings to life.

Plus, standing on a mountain top looking over a sea of pine trees is incredible for the soul.


Quality control is performed by Huckleberry the basset hound.

 Huckleberry the Basset Hound is a key part of the notebook making process and the woodcut carving process. Always underfoot, stealing supplies, drooling on everything so that it has to be thrown out.. Integral part of the Blue Pine Sea team.

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